Toggle Endpoints Without Code

Facet offers a codeless solution for managing application endpoints.

Use a single line of code

Instantly toggle features in production or any other environment

Manage endpoints & methods without using engineering resources

Utilize analytics for every critical component of your infrastructure

Unrivaled Endpoint Management


A one-time installation of the Facet agent allows your team to release features seamlessly. Using facet requires no setup or maintenance work. Start using our platform instantly by pasting the line of code generated through the dashboard.

1java -javaagent:{AGENT_PATH}}/facet-agent-0.0.10.jar
2#AGENT_PATH = the folder of the downloaded JAR


Facets are dynamic sets of elements making up features. Declare, name, and organize unlimited facets within seconds using the java-agent. Continually optimize the facet workspace according to your rollout schedule.


Preview changes with a single click. Our platform allows every member of your team to toggle features without engaging developer resources. This way, your team delivers software faster and saves on precious developers' time. Our platform gives your team ultimate control over your software delivery process.

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User Input

Will Portman@wdportman · March 3, 2021

Impressed by @RunFacet - a new no-code tool for managing features in production. Great for simplifying product/feature rollouts & collaboration btwn eng/product/marketing

Yeshwanth Kumar@morpheyesh · March 6, 2021

Very excited to be an early user of @RunFacet. The low-code feature management approach is a game changer and a will surely make the CI/CD flows more robust.

牧野陽@makinoalany · March 4, 2021

I have to say @RunFacet impressed me a lot. It could be a game changer as CI/CD is always one of the pain point for software development!